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Volunteer with Initio

Join a Local School Committee (LSC):

LSCs are established to support and challenge the Head (and the Trust) in 5 critical and specific areas:

  • By being advocates for, and guardians of, the ethos and distinctiveness (church or otherwise) of the school;
  • By monitoring safeguarding, ensuring that there is a strong culture of safeguarding within the school, that school and Trust safeguarding policies are being effectively implemented, and that children and young people are safe;
  • By monitoring inclusion and provision for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, ensuring that the school meets its statutory duties, that school and Trust policies are being effectively implemented, and that the needs of disadvantaged children and young people are being effectively met;
  • By monitoring, supporting and challenging the educational standards and performance of the school (attendance, behaviour, attainment and progress), ensuring that the Head maintains a focus on the School Improvement Plan, as well as any actions arising from Trust or external partner meetings;
  • By supporting communication with local stakeholders between the school and the Trust to advance the school to the benefit of children and young people and all community stakeholders.

Join our community volunteer programmes:

Our schools welcome community volunteers, subject to stringent safeguarding procedures as set out in our Safeguarding policies and in Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Details of community volunteer programmes may be found via individual school websites or by contacting schools directly.